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The Intelligence to Lead

Blueframe is a strategic advisory partner that delivers critical intelligence to power decision-making. Our clients move faster, stay smarter, and gain a decisive advantage in their markets. Simply put, we keep our clients ahead of the pack. 

At Blueframe, it’s kind of an art form.

Because Evidence Matters

Blueframe is devoted to helping clients outmaneuver the competition and capture market share by informing their most challenging decisions with facts, not assumptions. For over 15 years, we’ve been developing original, proprietary research to shape our clients’ strategies and refine their tactics. 

Core Client Approach

At Blueframe, we build deeper partnerships with global leaders in sectors like Financial Services, Healthcare and Life Sciences, Technology, Manufacturing, and Energy, empowering them with a greater understanding of their competitive landscape. We are as diligent about building these relationships as our clients are about seeking out the right intelligence firm.



Deeper Insights, Sharper Strategy & Broader Vision

Blueframe is uniquely equipped to discover intelligence of unrivaled depth. Our evidence-based advisory services explore far below the surface so our clients can focus on the horizon ahead.

Specialized Focus

At Blueframe, we sweat the details. In limiting our focus to custom strategic intelligence, we concentrate our resources, enabling us to be more knowledgeable, more responsive, and deliver with far greater detail. 

Core Client Commitment

At Blueframe, we partner with our clients to build sustainable intelligence programs that deliver consistent results. We invest in knowing our clients’ businesses, markets, and competitors. As a testament to our core client relationships, 100% of Blueframe’s growth is fueled by client referrals and program expansion. We concentrate all of our resources on our clients’ work, not on pursuing the next one.

Client Trust & Confidence

Earning and protecting client trust is essential. Our clients proceed with confidence that all engagements are in absolute compliance with all regulatory requirements as well as their organization’s governing codes of conduct.



Knowledge, Power & Impact

Blueframe’s exclusive primary research and consulting services bring conclusive evidence and the knowledge needed to impact decision-making. If knowledge is power, Blueframe is a power broker.

What We Do

Whether our clients are seeking to gain share in existing markets, penetrate new markets, or execute more efficiently, Blueframe intelligence enables them to maximize opportunities and mitigate risk along the way. 

Service Areas

Our evidence-based advisory services are designed to support decision-makers across the enterprise in areas including:

  • Strategy development and execution support

  • Competitive intelligence and monitoring

  • Due diligence support for acquisitions, mergers and JVs

  • New product launches and technology introductions

  • Global market assessments

  • Customer analyses



Global Reach, Local Grasp & Proven Results

Strategy demands reach across global borders and time-zones, so Blueframe does too. We scout the globe to pinpoint the richest and most reliable sources of intelligence.

Client Control

We recognize that clients possess a great deal of knowledge about their markets and competitors. Our dynamic methodology allows our clients to remain in control, directing and redirecting research efforts as they react to new findings. Instead of re-inventing the wheel, we take inventory of intelligence already available, identify critical gaps, and prioritize those issues with the greatest ROI, or “Return on Intelligence.” 

Global Networks

Utilizing rigorous investigative skill sets and state-of-the-art access, Blueframe constructs and maintains client-specific networks of informed market participants, industry experts, and knowledge leaders worldwide.  

We look beyond the obvious, targeting reliable and uniquely positioned sources. These proprietary networks enable our clients to identify competitive threats, pinpoint competitors’ vulnerabilities, and develop preemptive moves and responses accurately and quickly.



Great People, Great Clients & Great Work

Blueframe offers an extraordinary environment for extraordinary individuals. The cornerstone of our success is great people, great clients, and great work.


At Blueframe, you will be part of a team working directly with key client decision-makers at some of the world’s leading companies. You will help clients examine and resolve their most difficult competitive concerns.


Blueframe has assembled an intelligent, diverse, and dynamic team of peers, resulting in a strangely entertaining, collaborative office environment. We are fanatical about client service and personal accountability and value creativity, teamwork, and humor. 


We focus on candidates who can contribute to the dynamic atmosphere of our firm, who have advanced degrees, strong analytical abilities, and professional drive. Qualified candidates should forward a cover letter and a copy of their resume to:



Art of Intelligence

In every market, there can be only one leader. And in many markets, the leader is powered by Blueframe Intelligence. We are extending an invitation to your company to consider the advantages of locking Blueframe into your team. 

For more details and references, contact us at: 


Your inquiry will receive immediate attention. 

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